I’m a graphic artist with over seven years of professional experience for creative agencies, packaging companies, quick printing businesses, and freelancing for a large variety of small businesses and individuals. I have been able to combine my fine art background with computer technical expertise and the ability to understand client needs.


I grew up in the beautiful driftless area of southwest Wisconsin. I began developing my artistic abilities at a very young age. I quickly excelled in art classes beginning in elementary school. Throughout middle and high school I continued to take every fine art class that was available. By the time I reached high school, the digital revolution of art and design had begun. I started studying graphic design independently, since no classes were available for graphics at the time. I was handed a computer and a manual for Photoshop and Illustrator and went to work exploring the software.  I eventually took on freelance design projects before I turned 18.


After graduating from Platteville High School in 1999, I was accepted at UW-Stout for Graphic Design. During the fall of 2001, I had a change of heart and transferred to UW-Stevens Point. I wanted to become a Wisconsin DNR Warden. I majored in natural resource management with a minor in environmental law. After my first semester in that program, I realized that I did not want to study the science and chemistry of nature.  I just wanted to enjoy its beauty. I still had a passion for art and design, and as it turned out, Stevens Point has an excellent design program.


In December of 2005, I graduated from Stevens Point with a BFA with a graphic design concentration. I quickly joined the workforce as an ad designer for Wisconsin’s oldest weekly newspaper, the Grant County Herald Independent. Trying to find my niche, I worked at the newspaper, a packaging company, a quick-printer, and a creative agency all within the span of just three years. I kept leaving one company for another, better opportunity. Eventually I became frustrated and unsatisfied and left the industry altogether for several years. Now I am a married stay-at-home dad with two wonderful children. I decided to pick up design again when I created my own fishing lure business. My talents were quickly recognized by customers and local businesses in the Wausau area. My designing has continued in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I saw that there was a need for my services, and so here we are – Lee Wood Graphics!